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I grew up in a small town in Arkansas when small businesses were the heart of the town. One of my favorite places was the Curiosity Book Store. While browsing the store, you might suddenly discover a six-toed cat named Dickens was rubbing against your leg. After getting a book or two, I would walk to a local malt shop, probably as much for the malts as for the pretty lady who owned it.

As the years passed, those small businesses started disappearing. By the time I left the Air Force, the economy was dominated by large corporations. I’ve never forgotten that small-town feeling and how much I enjoyed those days.

For me, helping small businesses is a labor of love. I know it’s hard to compete with the large chains, but there are things you can do.

Whether you’re a startup making soap in your kitchen, or an established company with a store-front, the internet is a great way to reach new people, and keep in touch with existing customers.

Downtown Rogers, AR

Downtown Rogers, AR

Downtown San Angelo, TX

Downtown San Angelo, TX

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