How a Website Can Benefit Your Business

One of the first questions business owners ask when considering whether or not to build a website is the obvious “What’s in it for me?” It’s a good question, and shows that you aren’t doing something without giving it enough thought.

There are numerous ways a website can benefit most small businesses, so I’m going to cover some of the biggest reasons. These reasons will apply to almost every small business.

You can use your website as the centerpiece for most of your other marketing

If you have a website, you can include your web address on every other type of marketing. In my opinion, you should absolutely do this. Here are a few ways you can promote your website:

Business cards

You should include your website and email address on your business cards, so the people you give them to have an easy way to find out more about your business, and have your email address in case they have question.


While I’m on the subject of email addresses, you should use the email address associated with your website instead of using the free email address most people use. It wouldn’t hurt to use it as your primary email address. With most free email services (such as Gmail) you can still use the same website you use now. If you use Gmail, you can learn how to use it with your business email here.

Print Media

If you advertise in a local paper, there is no doubt you should include your website. You simply can’t address everyone’s questions or concerns in a print ad. By giving people a way to find out more, you increase the odds that they will become customers.

Local Events

Trade shows and other large gatherings are busy places with a lot of businesses competing for attention. If you attend local chamber of commerce events, networking events, or trade shows, you can display your website (and hand out business cards that have your website.) This will give prospective customers or clients with the information they need to learn more about your company and your products or services.

Customer Service

One of the first pages I look at when I visit a company’s website is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This is where you answer the questions most prospective customers or clients are likely to ask. Most people aren’t going to bother calling you to ask a questions. If you can answer their questions on you website, you increase the chances that they will do business with you.


I hesitate to mention this one, but I think it’s important. If you’re a local business, and your competition has a website, you’re at a disadvantage. I tested this recently. I search for a specific type of local business and got five results from a business director. Only two of the businesses had website. I was able to go to those two sites and get more information, including specifics about the type of service they offered, their business hours. Which of those five businesses am I more likely to visit?

The Possibilities are Endless

These are just a few of the reasons most small businesses should have a website. Most businesses will find many other uses such as including a map to their location, scheduling appointment, and selling online. If you have questions, you can contact us using the information here.

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