My name is Jason Conley, and I grew up in a fairly small town that has grown tremendously, a lot like San Angelo.

I loved spending crisp fall days wandering downtown Rogers, browsing the local businesses.

I remember a local shoe store, an ice cream shop, and my favorite, a small bookstore named The Curiosity Bookstore. There was a six-toed cat named Dickens who lived there. He would just wander up as you looked through the books. I still have some of those books, more than 30 years later.

I loved wandering downtown Rogers, Arkansas

It’s those memories that gave me a love for locally owned businesses, and I’ve spent years thinking of ways to help them.

I have a lot of ideas, but I’ve decided to start with helping small businesses, including home-based businesses, build their digital marketing.

In order to keep your costs low, I want to use as much free software as possible. To that end, I’ve decided to recommend WordPress. Not only is it free, it has the functions a small business needs, and it can be learned with less effort than most of the other options.

My family and I want to help you get started with an attractive website that will serve as the foundation for the rest of your digital marketing.

We’re still working out some of the details, so we want to gauge the interest for this type of service in the San Angelo area .

Some of the things we’re considering:

  • Regular articles related to digital marketing
  • Training on building and maintaining your own website
  • A “do-it-for-you” option for those who for whatever reason can’t, or choose not to, maintain their own site
  • Digital marketing training
  • Free hosting while you get your site running
  • Low cost hosting once your site is operational

Depending on the response, we may have to adjust these goals.

We want to work with people who don’t have a website, or who don’t like their current site.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can use the internet to get more customers, or to keep in touch with current customers, we want to hear from you.

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